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75th Booklet 75th Anniversary Booklet.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Sir Nigel Gresley being built in November 1937 an A4 booklet about the engine was published.

Not many remaining.

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In 1937 the 100th Gresley Pacific was built by the London and North Eastern Railway, and the railway honoured her designer by giving the locomotive his name. Sir Nigel Gresley, now bearing the British Railways number 60007, was saved from scrapping in 1966 by a small group of determined men who set up the A4 Preservation Society. This became The A4 Locomotive Society Ltd and subsequently underwent a further evolution into The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd. The name The A4 Locomotive Society Ltd lived on as the subsidiary company which operates the locomotive for the Trust until 2014 when it became The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Company Ltd

4498 on the Flying Scotsman Sir Nigel Gresley at Naburn with the Flying Scotsman
photo © The Gresley Society Collection.

The Trust ~ now a registered charity, registered no.1079591 ~ is dedicated to keeping the locomotive running, both on heritage railways and, as much as we can, on her natural environment the main line. She is a part of the nation's history; she is also very beautiful. You can learn from books and film, enjoy the handsomely turned out locomotives gleaming quietly in museums, but it is only when a locomotive is in steam and in action and alive that you experience her in all her glory, feel all the magic. Nothing can match the spectacle, the magnificence, of a great steam engine running at speed. This is what the Trust aims to keep alive.

60007 at Doncaster Railfest Left: Sir Nigel Gresley at the Doncaster Railfest,
6th June 1998
photo by Hamish McNaughton.
Right: The driving wheelsets during the overhaul,
15th October 2003
photo by Ian Smith.

Sir Nigel Gresley celebrated its 70th Birthday during 2007. As well as the recent major overhaul and re-entry into traffic on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway on 5th August 2006 (supported by a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant) we have now completed of the overhaul to main line standards, which involved the fitting of Air-Braking, On Train Monitoring and Recording equipment and Train Protection Warning System.
In addition there will always be the routine servicing and adjustments to carry out, often in a hot and dirty environment and involving working with large and heavy components or empting the char from the smoke box or ash from the ash pan, the volunteers who carry out these jobs are real heroes! Now the Locomotive has returned to service the "backroom team" is turning it's thoughts to raising the finance to fund the next overhaul due in approximately 2016! One way or another the work never ceases.

60007 on NYMR

Sir Nigel Gresley in glorious sunshine on the North Yorks Moors Railway, 9th May 2009
photo by Nigel Bentley.

Hard work and costly she may be, but when you see her at the head of her train, hear the cry of her chime whistle, then it all seems worthwhile. Whether operating on heritage railways or in full cry on the main line, she brings delight to many thousands.

60007 at Lincoln

Now enjoying some winter sunshine, Sir Nigel Gresley at Brayford Pool, in the centre of Lincoln, with the "Lyndum Fayre" on 6th December 2009
photo by Jonathan King.

If you would like to be associated more closely with the locomotive, now bearing the British Railways number 60007 and resplendent in BR blue livery, the Trust always welcomes new members. We publish a magazine for members four times a year, with news of the loco and plenty of photographs; articles, too, about the loco's past, and other matters of railway interest. We have a number of promotional goods the sale of which all contributes towards the maintenance of the locomotive. In addition to our AGM there are social events from time to time, which are advertised in our magazineChime. Whether you wish to get involved a lot or a little, your support will be very welcome. Click here for details.

60007 on ECML

Sir Nigel Gresley at Beningbrough, on the cold and snowy East Coast Main Line, with "The Tynesider" rail tour on 27th November 2010, exactly 200 miles south of Edinburgh
photo by Robin Patrick

We are always pleased to receive photographs of Sir Nigel Gresley at work, especially if during LNER or BR days, though as the site is now quite filled with photographs from 2008, 2009, 2010 and the "Once In A Blue Moon" event in April 2014. We would prefer not to have any more from these dates. We also prefer not to have photographs of the engine running backwards nor, if possible, full of hi-viz clothing.
When submitting may we ask that you include the date and location in the name of the file please as it is all too easy for these to become separated after a period of time! Please also state very clearly if they are not your own photos, and in such a case, whether the photographer has given permission for the photo(s) to be used.

Sir Nigel Gresley is at present based on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

We now have a semi-offical Facebook group for supporters of 60007.

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